Once you’ve determined your quantity, print method, size, paper, ink, finishes and binding, then it’s time to request a quote from the printer. This is the time to be as specific as possible about the details of the project requirements. Always provide a physical or digital mock-up of the project for your printer to review and ask that they point out any “red flags” in your design and how they relate to your particular print, binding and finishing methods. Never take for granted that your printer’s expectations for the piece are the same as your own. It is your job to communicate every detail of quality you expect from them for your custom piece and be open to their suggestions and design adjustments that will ensure the best quality of your product.

Typical specifications to include in your quote request 


  • Quantity
  • Flat Size
  • Finished Size
  • Ink (front / back)
  • Bleed / Coverage
  • Paper (stock)
  • Finishes (No. of Scores / Folds / Lamination / etc.)
  • Collating or Assembly Required
  • Foil Stamp
  • Emboss / Deboss
  • Die Cutting
  • Binding Method
  • Interior Stock
  • Number of Interior Pages
  • Additional Details or Concerns


  • Date of File Delivery to Printer
  • Date of Delivery of Finished Product
  • Delivery Location for Proofs and Final Product
  • Is a Digital or a Physical Proof Required?
  • Is a Press Check Required?
  • Are Delivery or Shipping Fees Included?
  • Billing Instructions

Some more tips for getting print quotes

›  Ask peers about reputable printers and print representatives to contact—local or online. Then get comparative print quotes.

›  ALWAYS provide a digital mock-up of the design when requesting a print quote. This allows your printer to quote accurately and  

›  Print quotes are typically requested via email. If you have questions about a particular detail of your design and how it relates to the print method, don’t hesitate to call your rep and ask.

›  For most print methods, allow 2–3 business days for a printer to turnaround your quote. Digital quotes are quicker and are typically turned around in one day.