How many of the printed units will you or your client need? Here are some considerations for determining quantity.


  The primary portion of your print cost is associated with the set-up. Therefore, for most print methods, a lower quantity does not equate to a lower cost. For example, an offset run of 2,500 postcards will not cost significantly more than 250 postcards. 

›  Typical ranges to consider—50 to 250, 500 to 1000, 2,500 to 5k or 5k to 25k. Printers can provide pricing for a range, but definitely determine if the quantity is below 250 units.

›  How many people will be using the piece? Does everyone need the same amount to distribute?

  Unless the piece is for a particular event, determine the longevity of the piece and how many will be needed over a certain period of time.

  If there is more than one distinctive piece, how many do you need of each?