Here are some finishing touches that can be done during the last phases of production. They add to the cost, but will add a higher level of quality and precision to the final piece when done professionally.


All printed items are printed on a larger sheet and then trimmed to their exact dimensions.

Score, Fold and Perforate

During the quote process, inform your printer of how many scores and folds will need to be done after the piece has printed. If the user will need to tear off a portion of the piece, a perforated line is recommended.

Die Cut

If the piece is not a square or a rectangle, a metal die is made and used to cut into the press sheet to create the final shape of the paper or cut a shape out from within the outer perimeter of the piece.


For extra protection after printing, paper can be laminated with a matte or gloss layer. This is common for menus or user guides that get frequently handled on a daily basis. You can also choose to laminate two different papers together to create a custom duplex to have a different color and or texture on either side of the paper.


Some pieces require assembling by your printer’s team. For example, pocket folders will need to be folded and glued, and direct mail pieces may need to be folded and sealed before mailing.

Laser Cut

Used to cut finely detailed, intricate shapes out from within the outer perimeter of the piece. Thin lines and letterforms that need to be cut are typically done by laser.