Never make assumptions about a print budget. You or your client may not think you have a budget because you don’t know how much printing costs. Start throwing out numbers to get a gauge and you’ll quickly find out—$20k, 5k, 2k, 1,000, 500, 100, 50?


›  Your print method is the biggest budget factor. To decrease print costs, be open to more cost effective methods of printing.

›  Ask peers for recommendations for quality and reliable printers—both local and national. Get multiple print bids. But keep your specs consistent between printers to compare apples to apples.

›  Work with your print representative to determine some cost saving factors for your piece. They may suggest a less expensive paper option or a way to cut costs by decreasing the size of your piece slightly in order to run more units on a single press sheet.

›  Quick turnarounds, paper availability and assembly are just a few examples of process requirements that can add to the overall cost. 

›  Budget limitations can work to your advantage and push you creatively. Utilizing a single ink color to save costs can open the doors to more choices for uniquely textured or colored papers.