Print Prologue is a collection of tools that informs, educates and celebrates the process of small-format print design and the details that make it special. It includes a web guide, a series of limited edition notebooks and a future app for the community of creative thinkers—both new and established.

When we began designing the notebooks, we naturally began discussing all of the considerations when designing something for small-format print. This lead to the creation of the content in the guide. Our hope is that the notebooks and the guide help serve as tools for emerging designers, small business leaders and even experienced designers.

The information included in Print Prologue has been learned through 10+ years of experience designing for print. Much of it comes from mistakes made and lessons learned. We are always learning new things and thinking of processes, considerations and tips to make it better and welcome all comments and questions.


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A Civil Fox develops visual communications, brand identities and tools for creative businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe that making something work better is as important as making it look better. Our goal is to create great design that communicates effectively, increases the quality and value of brands and improves audience and user experience.