For the community of creative thinkers

When we set out to make notebooks we wanted them to have an informative aspect. We figured if we're going to make yet another design-y notebook for creatives why not inform, educate and celebrate the process of design and the details that make print special. We naturally began discussing the considerations when designing something for small-format print. These discussions lead to a ton of content which now makes up the Print Prologue guide. Our hope is that the notebooks, the guide and a future app can help serve as tools for emerging designers, small business leaders or even occasional reference for experienced designers.



Each Print Prologue notebook edition has a unique cover produced by varying print methods. On the front, you'll find the distinct print specifications of each book—ranging from the size, paper color, paper weight and machine by which the cover was printed.

Limited Editions

200 each of our first three editions—Letterpress, Foil Stamp and Risograph—were printed in Houston, Texas by the fine folks at Workhorse Printmakers. Future editions of each will be available when the previous is depleted. Other unique editions with varying print methods are on the way.

As timeless as possible

We have never thrown our notebooks and sketchbooks away. And the stacks and boxes of them can get a little maddening. Therefore, we wanted to include an element for dating them and indexing important information noted inside for future reference. For archival purposes, the back cover includes a place for the date and a thumb index for quick access to your important notes within the book.

Easy note-taking and sketching

Interior pages have corresponding markers that visibly align when thumbing through as well as a dot grid for linear sketching and note-taking.